Kajal Aggarwal to act with Ravi Teja?

Ravi Teja is one actor who never really took a sabbatical from acting until his last release Bengal Tiger. After, the movie he decided to not just keep doing movies but do only content oriented movies that will give his fans something to cheer on. So, he waited for almost 13 months before he started Touch Chesi Choodu and Raja The Great shootings simultaneously.

Now, he completed Raja The Great, except for one song and soon, the team will complete that too and release the album with an official release date of the movie. Then, he will continue working on Touch Chesi Choodu. Once he finishes the movie, he will start working in Bogan remake and the movie with Srinu Vaitla. Srinu Vaitla is on a spree of flops and he wants to change that with his next movie. Ravi Teja decided to work with him keeping their friendship in mind and the shoot will begin by December as per the sources.

In the movie, Srinu Vaitla is looking to cast Kajal Aggarwal as the lead actress. Both the actors have come together before for movies like Veera and Saroccharu. The movies did not work big time but the cast seemed to have some good chemistry going. So, Srinu wants to work with that and make a heart touching movie filled with healthy humor. Kajal still did not sign the movie and we have to wait for one more week for the official confirmation to come.