Kabali turns out to be profitable to director!

Kabali, Rajnikanth starrer released last year with a huge hype. The movie turned out to be a huge flop due to lacklustre narration and the writer-director, Pa Ranjith. The movie was said to be another Basha for Rajnikanth and the distributors bought the movie believing in the hype. While the movie disappointed everyone involved, Rajnikanth liked the effort put in by the director and offered to work with him again.

The director’s previous films, Aata Kathi, Madras turned out to be best films by young directors in Tamil. With Madras becoming a good success, Rajnikanth gave him a chance to direct him. With lot of expectations from the director and actor, the movie turned out to be a disaster. Still Dhanush announced that he will produce Kabali2 with the director and actor combination.

Now, the director has received a remuneration of 10 crores for the movie. Normally, an director who gives a disaster will be asked to reduce their remuneration but here the director got a huge hike. How much ever Kabali was panned the director got a name for extracting a different performance from Rajnikanth and he is expected to do the same in the next film too. The production team supported their decision to hike the remuneration and said the director deserves much more as he is the most talented and creative of the young talents in Tamil cinema today.

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