A dying wish of a pure soul contains a hell of a weight even if you are dead you will can never escape the impact. Never wrong a pure soul!

Plot : Kashmora (Karthi) with his father (Vivek) and family starts fooling people by planting banamathi and evil spirit related things in a minister’s house fighting another popular swami (Madhusudan). He becomes so popular and announces a world Guinness record by performing exorcism on more than 1000 people at a time. Yamini (Sri Divya) follows Kashmora around and finally realises that he is a fraud. But fails to catch him red handed. Minister fearing a raid tries to save his important documents and money, ornaments with Kashmora’s family and they decide to run away with them. Kashmora is invited to a bungalow by a zamindar to send the ghosts away. But he and his family who were looking to escape also get caught into the situation. So what is the connection between Raj Nayak (Karthi) and Ratna Maha Devi (Nayantara) with this fraud family??

Performances : Karthi shines and adds to his elusive resume another good performance as an evil King Raj Nayak and a ghost. But as Kashmora he is on and off with his comic timing. He makes the Raj Nayak completely believable as a warrior, womaniser and ghost as well.

Nayantara looks like million bucks and she is the best part of a rather elongated and boring 20 minutes of the film. Sri Divya lacked a good characterisation. The young girl’s character is a bore too. Vivek gave his best in the scenes written for him.

Technicalities : Music Director Santhosh Narayan was considered as the best thing after ARR in giving Background score in Tamil but he failed to deliver for this film. Except for few sparks here and there, this is one of his forgettable works in years.

Vijay Sabu Joseph’s edits lacked the maturity such a big project requires with heavy VFX. He just cut and pasted the sequences and plates but did not look to give the movie a flow. Cinematography by Om Prakash is in sync with the film’s tone and it gives a good total experience mainly in all important episodes.

Art by Rajeevan looked more inspired than inspiring. Production values are adequate enough. Coming to the all important script and narration Gokul tests your patience and never lets you completely divulge into the story and he designed the character of Raj Nayak with many inspirations from movies like Arundhati, Red Cliff, Bahubali and few more big budget fantasies.

The story doesn’t have a purpose and looks like the director wanted to show off few ideas and tried to emulate some themes that he wished to create. But all these had to be tied in with good logic and mesmerize audience with his crisp execution. Gokul tries hard to induce laughter but the episodes which he thought would generate applause like Nayantara and Karthi fight, actually evoked great laughter. He needed a tighter script with racy screenplay but ended up boring audience with his laggy screenplay and shoddy execution.

Analysis : Films that try to come up with fantasy backdrops and themes does need to have tighter scripts and even better execution. The pure excitement of watching our favourite stars playing such strong characters from past would always give a kick to audience but these kind of sluggish attempts rather than making you believe in magic they make you believe in films that have decent enough execution even though they offer nothing new. Gokul missed the target even though he proved what he can do with Idharkkuthane aasaipattai balakumara. He should have worked on several more drafts and saw many more foreign films.

Unless and until you have cash more you can avoid Kashmora without a doubt.

Rating : 2.5/5

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