Jr. NTR denies all political rumours!

Jr. Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao aka Tarak, made it clear that he is not a man to be messed with time and again by giving strong replies to naysayers and gossip mongers alike. If he heard any criticism about his work, he made sure that he will answer it by giving a good performance in his next film. If someone gossips about his person life then he brushed off them by saying he can’t carry about every Tom and Harry who wants to look into his life.

With such clarity, he always answered the questions about his political ambitions and made sure that his loyalties lie with his family and family political party rather than any outside one. Even when his friends went out of the party he maintained a strategic silence and did not try to his feet into the dirty water by abusing anyone. He made it clear that he has a mature head operating on his shoulders and once again proved it.

There were many rumours going around about his political ambitions. The actor was said to be floating a new party and the rumours also suggested that he registered the party as the president. Well, it was time the young actor took to Amy social networking site and clear the confusion as his equation with his family was always said to be cold. The actor, made it clear that he has no intentions to float a new party and all his political ambitions are at the moment in cold storage as he wants to concentrate on his acting career more than ever. The actor made it crystal clear that he will be the first person to announce any plans to go political and until he does so, no one should believe in rumours.

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