Jayammu Nischayammu Raa

Why do we always believe that some external force will help us do everything, when it is us who does things? Who take decisions? Who bear the brunt of our actions? Think and check within your self once, may be the fear of failure will answer your questions! But should we be guided by that fear whole life?

Plot : Sarvesh (Srinivas Reddy) believes in God and Babas more than himself. He just cannot get over the fear. He fights with all odds to score a government job and when finally he does, he believes it is because of a Swami (Jeeva). But before going to interview he sees Rani (Poorna) on road. He believes she is a good omen and after entering in his job at Kakinada Municipality, he happens to see her and tries to confirm her being his luck in life by getting her Date of Birth. He pursues his quest to win her heart after confirmation from his Swami. But Kanth ( Sree Vishnu) becomes a thorn in his way. While this love story is going on, Sarvesh wants to get transferred to his home town KarimNagar and he accepts JC’s (Ravi Verma) condition of giving him his flat for a night to spend time with his lady friends. Adapa Prasad (Krishna Bhagavan) and Tatkal (Praveen) help Sarvesh in the transfer process and Love as well. But a twist in the tale pushes Sarvesh to introspect and he ends up being more confident in life than ever! What is that? Well watch it on screen!

Performances : Srinivas Reddy shows his competent acting skills through out the film. However the cinematographer and Director tried hard, Srinivas Reddy doesn’t look like convincing as a person on this side of young middle age scale rather he looks more like a middle aged person than any young person. If one can adjust with the looks, Srinivas Reddy promises a decent entertainment.

Poorna looks beautiful and convincing as Rani. She delivers her lines with authority and one can easily believe her as a girl belonging to Kakinada. Krishnudu as brother of Rani lends to the film. Narayana Rao and Dubbing Janaki are perfectly cast in their roles. Ravi Verma is good in his scenes. Sree Vishnu swallows some of his long lines and with BGM dominating it gets hard to make out at times what he is saying.

Posani Krishna Murali does another role in his career where he can be himself even though he might be playing a pandit. Krishna Bhagavan after many films got a good role to show off his comic timing and he did excel in the film. ‘Mangalavaram’ will ring a bell. Praveen as Tatkal is quite good while he has to show cunning side and better when he is delivering comic punches. Jogi brothers lend their hand to the film in providing some comic balance.

Technicalities : Cinematography by Nagesh Banell is good and the film looks so rich in colors and concepts. He makes a whole hearted effort to bring the directors vision to life. His work on the long Beach roads is highly praise worthy. After watching the film, you might feel like visiting the locations they have shot in.

Editing by Venkat needed lot of sharp cutting as the scenes keep prolonging their stay. May be the script and first time director wanted the movie in a certain way, but the screen time does need to be controlled especially, when the required emotion has been expressed in the previous scene why to repeat it? Also you don’t what them to overstay as well. Music by Ravi Chandra is ok with songs but he needed a good sound designer to mix the Back ground score properly. The lines said by actors are being overpowered by music and it gets hard to make out after a time. The songs doesn’t leave the necessary impact that such a film could have easily benefited from.

Writers and Director have shown their immaturity in writing the scenes. These are not 80’s and you don’t need to prolong scenes that too which have been seen many times in films like Burrepallem Bullodu. Not asking for a fast paced movie but keeping it crisp would help to create the impact. Few scenes involving Praveen, Posani and Krishna Bhagavan could have easily trimmed off on editing table itself.

Director Shiva Raj Kanumuri proves that he has talent in establishing a scene and shooting it well. He was able to let the audience believe in the story rather than going for superficiality and trying to make it unnecessarily commercial. Few continuity mistakes could have been avoided. Passion of the man is visible in scenes where he represented Sarvesh’s real feelings over his outer demeanor.

Such innovative concepts should have been used more than just relying on ‘Managalavaram’ more! Usage of whatsapp humor paid off really well.  He makes a confident debut and with some more innovation and experience in  respecting audience intelligence and not trying to spoon feed every detail, he will have a bright future.

Analysis : Young team of the film does try to go for a slice of life treatment but they confuse it with trying to provide wholesome commercial desi entertainment. The film need not had to be that long and definitively there was no neccesity for so many characters. On the whole, the team was able to put together a good dose of family entertainment for a one time watch. Go for it if you want to watch a film for your weekend fun.

Too vintage yet contemporary, Jayammu Nischayammura!

Rating : 3/5

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