Whenever you enter the theatre to watch a cop drama, you try to keep in your mind that the hero will be praised like anything and he will definitely try to deliver some sort of monologue about the pride of his uniform as well. In Sethupathi, such scenes were handled with intensity but here they fail to even carry the emotion. Jaydev is a classic case of lost in translation movies and let’s find out why.

PLOT : In Simhadripuram, quarry mafia leader, Masthan Raju (Vinod Kumar) rules the land with an iron fist and he is challenged by a police officer who tries to drag him to the court. But he kills him brutally and Jaydev (Ghanta Ravi) enters the scene as he is the Sub-Inspector of the area. He tries to handle the case in his own way but fails to live upto the game of Raju. He somehow manages to understand the entire game and reciprocates in a heroic fashion. His plan succeeds and he finally nabs the mafia leader. How he achieves it is the major novel point in the movie and you have to watch the movie to know about it.

Performances : Ghanta Ravi maintains a straight face even in a scene where he needed to emote and as he could not emote and deliver the dialogue perfectly, the technical crew tried to manage with the editing cuts and dutch camera angles. But the number of cuts irritate us but the actor doesn’t look presentable or even try to put in an honest effort to emote as well. His body language and screen presence are completely opposite to potential talent who can become an upcoming actor in the future. Malavika Raj is in the movie because she looks adorable and she has no objections in showing off skin. Had she had some spark in acting skills as well one could have easily enjoyed watching her on screen. Hari Teja and Vennela Kishore are delightful in their scenes. Posani Krishna Murali, Jyothi, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Ravi Prakash are routine in their performances and they bring nothing new to the table.

Technicalities : Jawahar Reddy, the Cinematographer of the movie tried to explore the presentable angles of Ghanta Ravi.. His effort is visible as there are many shots for just one line an even for one particular punch line there are five different angles. He just couldn’t manage to make the movie look good even.Marthand K. Venkatesh is normally asset for a movie but for this movie, he is a big negative. His effort in trying to cut the movie in a way that it doesn’t look odd on screen. He tries to use all the raw footage dumped into his edit suite and make a movie out of it but it was a highly uphill task for him too.Mani Sharma tried hard to score for the movie, but he couldn’t find a right tune for it. He followed the BGM patterns of the original in one or two songs but he doesn’t give life to the scenes even with his BGM.

Writers, Paruchuri Brothers, tried hard to complicate a simple emotional story like Sethupathi with unnecessary twists and tracks. Whenever they tried to follow the original, the movie seemed to have a flow at least. Well, they were successful in killing the better screenplay in Telugu remake once again. In the original, the hero and villain does have characters and they look to present a best case scenario of two highly temperamental individuals coming head to head. Here in a diluted version, we see an unintentional comedy unfolding in front of our eyes.Director Jayanth C. Paranjee is a talented individual as he proved with his Preminchukundam Raa, Bavagaru Bavunnara but the director seems to have fixated in that time era only. He did not update on his story telling skills and one feels highly irritated with his technics used for establishing Ghanta Ravi as a hero.

Analysis : The major attraction of this movie is that it is a good unintentional comedy and a great spoof of all the cop dramas. The cinema tries to explore each and every cliche in the dictionary of screenplay and desperately tries to present the famous kid of a politician as a hero on screen. The movie fails in establishing him as an actor and ends up as an aberration on the resumes of all the technicians whoever worked for the movie.

Rating : 1/5