Jamba Lakidi Pamba

Few classics should not be touched and even few foreign films should not be remade. If you think, you can, then you should re-imagine them, in even more fun way than going with the clichés. If you fall into the trap of clichés, you end up making a film that even you cannot enjoy. Another movie on another Friday, ends up being a good proof of the above statements.


A famous divorce lawyer (Posani Krishna Murali) gets an young couple, Varun (Srinivas Reddy) and Pallavi (Siddhi Idnani)’s divorce case as his 100th. He is a very ruthless lawyer but a great admire of his wife. On his birthday, he decides to celebrate in Goa, with his wife. Unfortunately, his car meets with an accident and he ends up becoming a ghost.

God asks him to unite at least one couple to re-unite with his wife in heaven. He takes up the challenge of convincing Varun and Pallavi, to not take divorce. H gets a very funny and weird idea to make them learn about each other. What did he do? Did they unite after learning about each other? How? Watch the movie for answers …


Srinivas Reddy tried to be borderline gay in a film where he needed to be more of a woman. He did try his best to rise about the script but failed to connect with the character as much as we expect a lead and an actor of his calibre to do so.

Siddhi Idnani, worked hard and performed more than her potential in a difficult role. She did needed a better script and even better director to guide her. She could have done much much more with able support.

Other actors tried their best to evoke laughs mainly actors like Posani Krishna Murali, Vennela Kishore, Rajesh. But they did not get good chance.


Sathya Muthyala, the cinematographer of the movie, tried to make a conscious effort to give the film some texture but his work doesn’t really shine as the scenes are too lethargic.

Tammiraju, seemed to have been asked to edit the movie as per the script rather than as per the common sense or the comic timing. The script feels too bland for him to show any style or evoke humour.

Gopi Sundar, failed to give any kind of good music for the film. He tried to make some noise in the name of music and that made no sense at all.

JB Murali Krishna (Manu) wrote and directed a movie that feels like an exercise to even watch the film on TV. It moves at a high predictable rate and doesn’t really involve an audience member into the story. His writing feels has too many inspirations from old movies and International films.


We tend to get few films that really ask us to wake up and decide, what kind of films, do we really like and thIs is one such film. It goes on and on, even though we can predict each and every scene from miles away. To able to enjoy such a film, we need someone beside us who can crack jokes or at least poke us and tickle us or threaten us to laugh continuously.

Rating: 1/5