Jai Lava Kusa

Negligence by a loved one towards us effects us the most. We try to lift a mountain for them but they don’t even consider us as a living person, then what are we? How do we feel? Today, I met Jai and tried to find some answers for those questions. Jai Lava Kusa, Jr. NTR’s experiment with three characters for the first time in his career, released today. Let’s see how the movie is…

Plot : Jai (Jr. NTR) is neglected by his uncle (Posani Krishna Murali) and own brothers Lava, Kusa(Jr. NTR) during his young age. While he loves them to the core, they don’t even respect him. Unable to digest it he turns into an emotionless person and tries to kill them ruthlessly. But they escape and one day, end up as captives to Jai. What happened? How did Lava and Kusa grow up? What is Jai doing now? Know all the answers for these questions by watching the movie at a screen near you ..

Performances : Jr. NTR as Jai, Lava and Kusa is really phenomenal. He doesn’t let even a single reaction in a character to go unnoticed. He uses the space provided to him well enough and you can clearly see the difference between the three characters. He even changes the body language in three different ways when he has to be Jai, even when he is actually Lava and Kusa. He just showcases his full range as an actor and we have to give kudos to him for that.

Raashi Khanna, Nivetha Thomas and Sai Kumar are not given enough space to perform. Raashi Khanna is just there to be an eye-candy. Tamanna’s song is just wasted. Ronit Roy doesn’t impress. Pradeep Rawat, Hamsa Nandini and Brahmaji appear to be guests in this absurd screenplay.

Technicalities : In this movie, sets are the most difficult part as you need the sets to be eye pleasing and also represent the three characters that Jr. NTR is playing. In that regards, A.S. Prakash has done a good job. Chota K. Naidu’s photography is too old school. He just does what Bobby asked him to and doesn’t really look to innovate or experiment with angles. In a technologically advanced age we just see the triple role handled in age old 70’s and 80’s techniques.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad, is highly average and he doesn’t even impress with his BGM. To the scenes, where his score could have been a big help he just uses some old tunes and that lack of imagination hurts the film most. Screenplay by Kona Venkat is too predictable and old to start with. When you have a start up as good as this movie and the interval block, what you create with it is the major challenge and Kona just uses some age old formula in the hopes of getting the fans charged up.

Story and Direction by Bobby are complete let down of the effort Jr. NTR has put in. He just created few situations but he failed to give them any kind of meaning or emotional core for us. He made it all look like an experiment that Jr. NTR could have pulled off in his sleep. There is no real necessity for Jr. NTR to play three characters and even characterisations doesn’t really work out after a point. If you can answer this question then you will understand how shallow the script is. How come triplets, who normally are born at the same time, be differentiated as elder and younger? How did Kusa change? Why Simran loves Kusa? What compels Lava’s enemies to forget about him completely?

Analysis : The scripting level of this movie are so poor. Bobby came up with a regular script leaving the whole burden on the shoulders of Ntr. The entire credit goes to Ntr for carrying the emotions perfectly till end. It will be a feast for Ntr fans but it may fail to attract & entertain common audience.

Rating : 2.5/5

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