It will always be NTR’s film : Bobby

Director Bobby has become the famous director who directed two big stars back to back. Sardar Gabbar Singh failed at the box office and many rumours have spread about him being influenced by Pawan Kalyan more and also that he did not direct most part of the film. Not caring about them Jr. NTR and Kalyanram decided to give him Jai Lava Kusa. The movie is running to houseful crowds across the Telugu states and the collections till now have been highest in Jr. NTR’s career in regards of openings. Bobby talked to media about the film and how he got the chance.

He said, ” I told Jr. NTR the story of Jai Lava Kusa for thirty minutes. I thought he got impressed with his expressions and after a week, I got a call from NTR Arts office. After meeting, he said we will start shooting right away. We discussed about the climax many times. Only when we got totally convinced that Jai character should die in the climax, we did so. Jr. NTR made it look very easy on screen with his performance.”

He continued, “I am happy that I made this movie with Jr. NTR. Only he could have pulled this off so easily. It will always be his film and what we crew has done will be that we created a good environment for him to perform.” About the most acclaimed drama episode he said, “I did not think about it in the beginning. As we established that due to dramas these brothers have been separated so Kalyanram suggested that we bring them close using theatre episode and hence, we conceived it.” He said that he is looking to take 2 months rest and then decide on doing another film.