It is not a bad addiction

Pooja Hegde talked about her addiction in one of her recent interviews. We all do have one or other kind of addiction. Some are addicted to TV shows, some to stress relivers, some to cricket and many to vices. But Pooja is not addicted to them. Like a typical girl she is also addicted to shopping but when you listen to what she mostly buys, you tend to think how can she be addicted to them.

The actress said, “I love travelling. I like to go to different places and enjoy the beauty of the locations. Also, I love to collect things from different areas and place them as a collection at my home. This has become an addiction and I mostly buy Cooling glasses. I first buy different cooling glasses that I find at these places and then, I try to find other things there. In a way, I am addicted to cooling glasses as well. As they save my beauty, I believe they are not a bad addiction.”

The actress after Duvvada Jagannadam became more and more popular due to her hot looks. Recently, her song from Rangasthalam, Jigel Rani became highly famous and she is doubly happy with that reception. She is currently busy shooting with Jr. NTR and soon she will join, Mahesh and later this year, Prabhas for her next few films.