Is Sukumar planning a pre-Independence story for Mahesh?

Mahesh Babu never tried complete raw subject after Murari. Even Murari is more remembered for its family entertainment value than raw emotional portrayal.

As an actor, Mahesh proved himself in many roles but he did not do a film where he has to be completely over the top emotional person like Chitti Babu from Rangasthalam. His Nijam might come close to such character-driven film but it will be interesting to imagine as Chitti Babu.

Sukumar gave a makeover to Ram Charan like nobody even envisioned and he is looking to do a similar thing for Mahesh Babu also, it seems. A story that needs Mahesh to appear as a village guy from Telangana in the 1950’s during the state Independent struggle from Nizam is said to be in the mind of Sukumar.

How will the director pull it off? How will Mahesh look? All these questions remain questions until an official announcement regarding the story and first look come out.