Is Raj Tharun facing litmus test with Lover?

Raj Tharun entered the Industry after making a few short films as a writer and director. He became an actor with Uyyala Jampala and went ahead to become a successful young hero with back to back hits like Cinema Choopistha Mama, Kumari 21F and Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam. Since then, all his movies are either ending up as disasters or average grossers. His last film, Raju Gadu couldn’t even get a good opening.

Now his next film, Lover, even though is backed by Dil Raju, the most successful producer in Telugu Cinema, in recent years, is also facing low buzz problem. The movie promotions have started and even though the teaser did trend on YouTube for two days, the buzz is still at a bare minimum.

Raj Tharun needs the movie to work big time but somehow it appears to be a herculean task for the film to even put up a decent opening at the box office. Also, the movie seems to made with the intention to give the love story a new twist in the presentation. We have to wait and see, how will it fare at box office.