Is NTR releasing in two parts a correct decision?

NTR movie directed by Krish has been divided into two parts and both the titles are announced on Thursday. NTR part-1 is called Kadhanayakudu and part-2 is called NTR Prajanayakudu. Director Teja also said that he has material of 5 to 6 films but has to compress it all into one, when he was the director.

Krish seems to have decided to release the movie in two parts keeping politics away from Cinema. The interesting thing is that his Hindi film, Manikarnika, for which he worked as director until Kangana took over to finish the re-shoots, will also release for Republic Day weekend.

First part of NTR – Kathayanakudu will release for Sankranthi on 9th January and NTR- Prajanayakudu will release on 24th January. Even though NTR is a huge mass star and poignant Telugu Leader, releasing two films in just 15 days seem to be a risky decision.

Politics haven’t been such a huge turning point for audience and may be making 3 hrs film with highlights and good emotional drama could have sufficed. Well, few fans are shocked by this decision while few wanted the second movie to come in March before elections. Let’s wait and see, if the move proves to be right from the team.