Is Chiru’s son-in-law looking to enter movies?

As per the reports floating in the media, Sreeja’s husband, Kalyan could make a debut in movies soon. The film nagar gossip mongers are saying that the youngster is quite beaten by the acting bug and he is looking to learn all the necessary skills to prove himself on the screen as an actor. Even Chiranjeevi is quite interested to launch his son-in-law into the movies as an actor it seems.

Already from Mega family, Allu Arjun, Ram Charan Tej, Allu Sirish, Sai Dharam Tej and Varun Tej have come into the movies has lead actors. Each and every person made a name for themselves in one way or the other. Now, even Kalyan is interested to join the films and Chiranjeevi has advised him to acquire the required skills first.

So the youngster is taking coaching from Satyanand in Vizag and also maintaining a strict diet regime to acquire a good body shape. He is also a good dancer and developed action skills by taking training in martial arts it seems. One fine day, Chiranjeevi will announce the launch of his son-in-law, Kalyan and we will now, other details about the project only after that.