Is Anupama making big demands?

There is always some or the other new gossip or rumour about an upcoming star and their ever growing demands. It is hard to say, if they are true or false but when we hear them from multiple sources, we tend to let people know about them. The latest upcoming star who is demanding huge is said to be Anupama Parameshwaran.

The young actress has been one of the most loveable presence on screen right from her first appearance on Telugu films in A..Aa. She improved on her pronunciation, dialogue delivery and diction as well. She is said to be showing some starry attitude to her producers now-a-days. As per the reports from sources, she made a big ruckus about her caravan at the recent shoot it seems.

She is acting in the film, Hello Guru Prema Kosame, with Ram in the direction of Trinadha Rao Nakkina. At the shoot spot she did not like the customer and also the caravan provided to her it seems. So, she shouted on the staff and producer, Dil Raju had to talk to her to cool her, it seems. Now, the actress has decided to get her own caravan and customer. Producers will be paying the bills submitted by her team for hiring her.