We call people who have a quick wit and can think on spot as Intelligent people. There are other categories like genius and clever too. But today, I met an Inttelligent person who belongs to a new category of smart people. A person who really doesn’t care about what work he is doing or how but gets results somehow.

Plot : Sai Dharam Tej (his name) finds a father like figure and mentor in Nandakishore (Nasser). As he helps in his education from young age, he desires to be with him all the time. One day, Nandakishore gets a call from Vicky Bhai (Rahul Dev) to sell off his company. Nandakishore doesn’t really care about his warnings.

One day, he is announced to have committed suicide and Sai Dharam becomes, Dharma Bhai to avenge his death. What happened? How did he die? Who all are involved in it? Watch the movie for answers..

Performances : Sai Dharam Tej looked completely disinterested on screen. He maintained a low energy though out the film and seemed like going through his motions. He doesn’t even get good action sequences or correct dance moments to show off those skills. It is a huge downer for him in already his worst phase.

Lavanya Tripathi is as clueless as the script. Nasser, Ashish Vidyarthi and Shiyaji Shinde tried their best to induce some life with their performances.

Akula Siva, Rahul Dev and slew of some well known actors are not given good one sceneor two scene characters too.

Technicalities : The writing in this movie is so lazy that even a ten year old can predict next scene of the movie. The entire writing department and crew, seemed to have enjoyed some paid holidays and shot something to pass it as a film.

Cinematographer, Vishweshwar looked really amateur in few scenes. The quality of the output is so poor that we don’t even feel like talking about the merits and demerits. It is just a work of least passion and dedication.

Music by SS Thaman is just a lazy excuse of an album. The composer seems to have been forced to give some tunes and he did without trying to really work hard in creating something fresh.

Editing by Gautham Raju, is more like, ‘somehow I assembled all the footage into a film’, kinda work. He did not really concentrate on transitions from scene to scene and we don’t find film moving organically as well.

Direction by VV Vinayak is another lazy job from the once good commercial director. He doesn’t really infuse any life into the proceedings and doesn’t even bother to create enough energy for us to feel like something is happening on screen. It is like someone asked me to make a movie and I did. He needed to be more on point with the narration of such an age old film.

Analysis : This film seems to be a work of team who thought making a film is their left hand thing. The writing seems lazy, acting seems bad and even all the action sequences seem executed without much vigor in them. The entire film feels like a waste of efforts and money for all the parties involved.

Rating : 1/5