Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bayam

What if one day you get up and a ghost enters into your life and forces to marry her? Can you accept such proposal? Is it really possible?

Plot : A young group of wedding band players perform at a wedding from which the bride escapes. Not knowing the sensitivity and showing any compassion the band continues to play few songs. The father of the bride dies and they chase the group comprising Naresh (Naresh), Shankar (Sakalaka Sankar) and Chandu (Chammak Chandu). Naresh falls in love with Indumati (Krithika) due to her kindness and trust in gaining good karma with many great deeds. Naresh for her keeps his body parts as security and gets 3 lakhs loan to help a dying kid in protection of Indumati. On the other hand Gopal Rao (Rajendra Prasad) buys a home haunted by a ghost (Mouryani) for his daughter’s marriage. The ghost problem intensifies and due to missed call Naresh gang who lost the loan money to a thief enter the house as Tantriks. But they end up being a major part of the soup created by ghost Swapna. Why do they? What does Swapna need? Forms the rest of the story.

Performances : Allari Naresh is a much much better actor than this loud farce comedy and he needs to find the right script sooner than ever. None of his since Sudigadu have been able to hit the mark. He is a potential box office hero with more than 50 films to his credit and he needs to act as one experienced guy now. Such crass meaningless comedies should be avoided.

Rajendra Prasad does what he is offered to the tee. But he seems to have been lost in the directors blundery vision and except for few laughs here and there irritates you to no end. Chalapathi Rao, Pragati and others are there to do what director thinks slapstick comedy and finish their job. Shalaka Sankar and Chammak Chandu try to repeat what Praveen and Sapthagiri did in Oka Premakadha Chitram but fail miserably. New girls Mourya and Krithka are used for their skin show and to shot loud at screen. They do their job. Brahamadanam irritates you to no end.

Technicalities : Cinematography Dasaradi Surendra and Editing are highly mediocre and even the makers are not expecting to make any rememberable classics here. They are appointed to cut, paste, place and shoot the film. They do it. Very standard work and highly forgettable. Kudos to make up team for making a disgusting image out of each and every character so much that they look tired and worn out.

Music by Sai Karthik is nothing but a crash course how loud you can beat drums and how well can you take ‘inspirations’ from popular songs. The songs were shot in sets and they just needed the dancers to dance mad to tune. They do that without worrying about grace or timing. The much required art work looks lazy and bad.

Story Screenplay by Nageswar Reddy follows a template set for comedies and never tries to make any mends with the set norms. Nothing that you haven’t seen before unfolds on screen. It is just a fun movie and yet times takes itself too seriously. Trying to ape EVV Satyanarayana style of comedy it becomes extreme loud and unfunny with each scene and highly predictable with each minute of screen time.

When everything goes awry in your film at least as a director you should be able to hold it together. It just gets bad worse and even more worse rather improving. A senior and experienced director like G Nageswar Reddy just doesn’t concentrate enough on this subject. He tries to mix up two genres that are highly in demand rather than working on the unique point of a ghost falling in love with hero. If well executed it could have been a movie like Ekkadikipothavu Chinnavada but it ends up being a crap fest at best.

Analysis : In a horror comedy slapstick that too guys and girls being beaten black and blue is no longer a selling point and bringing in new characters to continue the facade of same lame joke just tells you how lazy and rushed was the movie. With a good production house one expects a well made output but it seems like asking too much from a director who was able to deliver two back to back successes and feels like anything will work. Well this movie is a waste of time even to watch on a lazy sunday on tv telecast.

Rating : 1.5/5

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