Interesting Sequels for the year

Sequels are those films that take forward the story of the most successful film we all liked. If a film tends to end on a high note and give us extremely lovable characters or a story that needs a better closure, we start expecting a good follow up to find out how are they and what will happen next?! Sequels are no new thing in our Cinema but they found a greater audience these days and it is a bit easy to bring in audience in large numbers to a theatre once they have liked your characters. Superhero Sequels in Hollywood are the biggest market share holders and the same could be the case with our Telugu market as well. Let’s see what all Sequels are lined up for this year;

Raju Gari Gadhi 2Rajugaari gadhiRaju Gari Gadhi became a success out of the left field as no one expected it to even survive at the box office. The film propelled the chances of Omkar establishing himself as a box office director in Telugu Cinema further. After a debacle like Genius, the movie was regarded a great comeback. Now, the movie has become bigger by roping in Akkineni Nagarjuna, Samantha and Seerat Kapoor as important characters in the movie. The film will hit the theatres in September October period. This movie has grabbed the attention of many viewers and fans alike.

VIP2Vip 2Dhanush surprised everyone by scoring a blockbuster when it is least expected with his Raghuvaran B.Tech and the movie is still regarded for its storyline and nice blend of relationships with massy hero image. The songs of the movie are still popular. Sean Renold is giving the music for this sequel and Kajol starting shooting as a Villain. Well, the stakes are big now as the Amul Baby antagonist as grown too big into a Gigantic Lady Tycoon. The movie is written by Dhanush himself and Soundarya Rajnikanth is directing the film.

Son of Ladies TailorSon Of Ladies TailorVamsi created a sensation with his movie Ladies Tailor 30 years ago and that movie gave us a great comedic legend and actor, Rajendra Prasad. The movie is iconic for the kind of comedy it dealt with and also it introduced a new back drop into the routine stories of Tollywood and changed life of many of its actors too. With Fashion Designing as backdrop now, Sumanth Ashwin is coming as the Son of Ladies Tailor. Madhura Sreedhar is producing the movie.

2.0Robo 2.0Rajnikanth, the Ultimate Superstar of South Indian Film Industry, has declined many offers to feature in Sequels. He was offered Chandramukhi sequel that was later made with Venkatesh in Telugu. Also there were talks about Narasimha 2 and Basha 2 as well. But none of them took shape but the actor gave his green signal to Robo upgrade and this time he will be playing three characters again like first one it seems with Akshay Kumar as Crow Man adding to the already popular cast. The movie is being produced on a budget of 385 crs and the shoot was completed recently. Post production work is going on at full swing and Shankar wants to release the movie for Diwali.

Vishwaroopam 2Vishwaroopam 2Kamal Hassan is none for not repeating himself again in his movies but he himself gladly announced during the release of Vishwaroopam that he will make Vishwaroopam 2. The movie was teased long time ago and with Vishwaroopam being a big success at box office, many producers are ready to take the movie forward but Aascar Ravichandran vowed to release the film sooner and it is still awaited when.

Guntur Talkies 2Guntur Talkies 2Guntur Talkies became the address for now popular anchor Reshmi to showcase her body and earn the image she enjoys today. She came close to Anasuya in popularity as a hot anchor and the film just made her so much more popular. The movie indeed is an adult sex comedy and now Nikisha Patel will be a part of the movie. The makers have promised to keep more humorous this time with few limitations on adult content.

Dandupalyam Gang 2Dandupalyam 2In Kannada and Telugu industries, Srinivas Raju’s Dandupalyam become a surprising success and the Gang has some good followers to go forward. The first movie depicted the rise of the Gang that killed and robbed many. The second will now show how they were spilt and caught by the police after years of planning.

Bahubali The ConclusionBahubali 2An uncanny sequel that will be regarded as one, Bahubali the Conclusion. It cannot be a sequel as the movie was not complete and the story was to be completed in the sequel. But people refer to it as a sequel in popular culture and with shooting completed already, the movie is getting ready for April 28 release. All of Industry is waiting to see how many more records ot will cross while fans are waiting for the answer of the question, Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali?! Do you know the answer?