I’m thankful to Rebel Star for theatres : Suriya

Suriya is coming with his new film, Gang, Telugu dub of Thaana Serndha Koottam and the movie is releasing for Sankrathi on 12th of January. The movie is being released by UV Creations and the actor decided to interact with press about the film on Sunday. He said, ” Special 26, is about a real incident or cluster of incidents happened because of a group of individuals decided to con in 1985-87 period. What they did and how they did cannot be changed entirely but can be re-imagined. So, we took rights from Special 26 makers and Vignesh Shivan came up with his own version of the story and get the Tamil Nadu, nativity into the story.”

He further said, ” This is like me going back to my younger days, in 1997 when I started as the youngster who aspires a career in films but did not know how to star and whom to approach. Vignesh took me into that space, told me to recollect how did I drank tea at a public small street shop when nobody knew me. I replied to him that I never had such experience, so he took me in the night around the city and made me observe the people and I am glad that I did start from my roots again after all the high-budget flicks. I am happy that Vignesh is able to give new spin to the characters that cater to South Indian sensibilities.”

He then answered few questions about why he is not experimenting as much as he did early in his career. He said,” In my earlier days, I used to choose scripts out of 10, in which at least two or three were different. I could choose to start a film in a week or ten days. But now, we need to plan ahead and start writing from at least two years to cater to the market that grew for me. Ghajini was made in 6 crores and it collected 8 crores in Tamil Nadu and we were happy with it. Similarly, Varanam Ayiram/ Surya S/O Krishnan, was made in 3 crores and Khakha Khakha in one crore 75 lakhs. When the risk is limited, I can experiment without fear. But today, I need to do a Singham to keep my market happy and then do a 24. I can’t keep doing them as that won’t be a surety for market to grow further. I am not saying that such films won’t be coming from me, but I will take them up when they seem to cater to the entire market and hope for a better result.”

He also said that Anirudh and Vignesh have a special bond and he liked the way they instantly connect and score for film. Also, he praised Ramyakrishnan and Senthil’s characters. He jokingly said, ” When a Powerstar is grabbing all the screens, Rebel Star is helping me to find some 200-300 screens. I should thank Prabhas and UV Creations for helping our film to reach wider audience in Telugu during such a massive releases like Agnyathavaasi and Jai Simha. You can see Agnyathavaasi on 10th and watch mine on 12th.” About his next films, he said he is in talks with KV Aanand, who made Brothers and Ayan with him and movie has started with Sai Pallavi, Rakul Preet Singh in the direction of Selva Raghavan.