I’m not next Brahmanandam : Pridhvi

Comedian Pridhvi has grown in stature with each film of his since his break out character in Krishna Vamsi’s Khadgam. He has become more and more necessary with the spoof comedy taking the cake in Telugu Cinema. He showed his prowess in normal characters as well and he is today being revered as the star comedian and busiest of them all. Pridhvi shared with media that he doesn’t really care for the star status and it used to happy for him when he is doing normal roles in the movies.

He said, “No one can ever replace or be equalled to a legend like Brahmanandam and when I told him this during our Achari America Yatra shoot, he said, Don’t care about such things. I’m enjoying the best phase in my career after a 20 years of hardship and I don’t take this for granted ever. In fact for a person who got a debut in a controversial movie, I see myself lucky to have survived so long.”

He continued, “ I did not want my children to continue in this filed as I know the struggles and they are happy in their respective jobs now. I lost my mother in 90 and came to Hyderabad only in 92 to join as an editor in Siti Cable. As the industry situated in Chennai, I did not get any opportunities but slowly as the Industry shifted, directors started noticing me.”

He thanked yesteryear actor Prabhakar Reddy for helping him out and he said he is his god father. He thanked Sridhar Seepana, the famous writer for creating good range of characters for him. Regarding him being upset with Khaidi No.150, he said, “I just mentioned it in a passing and I talked to Chiranjeevi about the discomfort I felt and also caused to the producers. He made me feel comfortable and talked to me like nothing has happened.” He concluded saying that he enjoys great friendship with Vennela Kishore, Ramesh and Raghu Babu among the comedians and he has absolutely no ego. He said he is planning to write a PH.D about Sr. NTR and in a month he will start working on it.

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