I’m not imitating YSR

YSR, the three letters have become symbol to a political leader who grew in popularity by walking for 68 days all over the state without taking too many breaks. That made him the Chief Minister of then united Chief Minister, twice and unfortunately, he died in a plane crash after winning the election in 2009, in his second term. What really made him take a decision to walk all over the state and how did it impact his life and political career? These questions will be answered in Yatra film, directed by Mahi V. Raghava, who made Anando Brahma, last year with Tapsee as a ghost. Mammotty will be seen as YS Rajasekhar Reddy and a teaser has been released too.

Talking about the film with media, the Malayalam Megastar said, “I acted in many films but this script fascinated and excited me. I liked the narration of Mahi and did not even watch his previous movies. He showed great confidence in me and I found conviction in the way, he told story to me. That gave me confidence to work with him. Even though this is a biopic, this will only concentrate on one chapter of his life, the walk!”

He continued, “Yes, the movie doesn’t over dramatise his life during the period. It shows you the story, behind all the headlines. I am shooting for the movie at one go and will join my next Malayalam movie, after completing the movie only. In this movie, I will be playing YSR’s character but I will not imitate him on screen. You can find his gestures but I am trying to connect with his character and thinking process than just being him.”