I’m lucky to do Ungarala Rambabu : Mia George

Mia George has taken over the Malayalam Cinema and she is one of the most sought after actor in the field there. Now, she is looking to expand and spread her wings in Telugu and Tamil too. This year, we have seen her in Yamudu, a dubbed film in Telugu starring Vijay Anthony. Now, her straight film in Telugu, Ungarala Rambabu is releasing after a long delay in production and post-priduction on 15th of September.

The actress talked to media about her movie and she said, “I feel really lucky and I’m extremely thankful to director Kranthi Madhav for selecting me in the lead role. You cannot expect to get a role that helps you showcase your acting talents right in the first movie but I got such an opportunity in this movie, Ungarala Rambabu. I should thank him and entire team for being co-operative during the journey.”

She then continued, “Sunil has been a great help for me on the sets. I used to take all the scenes before the shoot day and practice them to get my diction and meaning right. Looking at my sincerity and hard work, Sunil helped me in learning and understanding the language. He used to be patient with me until I get the expression right and act in as many retakes as possible. It is a learning experience to share screen with Prakash Raj and I will treasure the moments for life.” She concluded by saying that she has now no problems with the language and choosing the best aming the roles she is being offered.

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