I’m doing Sye Raa for sure : Sunil

Ace comedian turned lead actor, Sunil Verma has been announcing that he would love to do characters in the movies and he doesn’t just want to stick to doing hero roles. But the actor has been stopped by his producers asking him to think about the market and probability. Well, the actor has now decided to go with his plan to do characters as well as lead actor roles in movies.

He said, ” I came to industry to become a villain. But Trivikram made me into a comedian. It is him who encouraged me take comedy as my staple and that worked. Look now, I have become a lead actor too. But I believe it will be easy for me to do characters and lead roles as well rather than just doing only, Hero roles. Even though I am enjoying this phase, I believe I’m losing out on good character roles and I should look to continue doing them as well.”

He continued, ” I never stopped getting offers for characters and I missed out on a chance to act with my Idol Chiranjeevi once. As I could not allot dates for Khaidi No. 150. But this time, when I got a call for Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, I immediately accepted. To all my producers too I said, I will be good character roles along with hero and they should be ok with it.” His Ungarala Rambabu released last Friday and soon, his Two Countries in the direction of N. Shankar will release. After that he has Chadarangam Aata and another film to start shooting for along with Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy.