I would like to make Anthariksham-2 Says Sankalp

Sankalp Reddy started off his career in Telugu with a movie like Ghazi that released even in Hindi. His second film, Anthariksham is also being planned to release in Hindi but on a later date.

He talked about the film releasing on 21st December. He said, “Varun Tej accepted the film with great trust on script than on me. I shot the movie during pre-viz with miniatures, spy cams to get ready and that helped me execute the movie as planned as fastly as we did.

Movie’s budget is not less and only number of working days are less. We worked with the team that understands the complexity of the project well and hence, we are able to finish it quickly with a great output.

I am planning a Hindi movie but that takes a lot of time for all the logistics to fall in place. So, before that I would like to work on Anthariksham-2 with same cast and crew,” concluded the director.