I worked hard for Khaidi No 150 like never before: Chiranjeevi

Megastar Chiranjeevi is all ready to take back his position as the Numerouno after nearly 10 years and the 150th movie is being made as the most prestigious film in the career of the Star hero. Coming back to face the camera after a decade, Chiranjeevi reduced his weight, changed his body language and tried to reach the fitness levels like his younger days. With the release date of the movie approaching closer by, Chiranjeevi interacted with media today. He looked quite in the zone and ready to take forward his acting career once again. Chiranjeevi said that the movie is quite close to his heart as he liked many scripts but the movie Kaththi touched his heart like nothing before.

He also took it very seriously and wanted to show the variation between the two characters. One character, that is, off the active protagonist he had lose weight and change his body language as well while for the other one he remained quite normal and approached the character like he normally does. He said that there is a change in the way the digitalisation has taken over the process of making. He explained it by giving the example of the clap board that previously they used to read the scene heading from the clap and then prepare for the shot but now you can change it and also with innovations it is easy to see the shot then and there. Try to perfect it as many times as possible without worrying about the film and exposure costs. He then shared how happy he was to be acting under his son’s production and VV Vinayak’s direction. He said it was highly relaxing and shot was a picnic.

When asked about Nagababu and Ram Gopal Verma exchange, Chiranjeevi said he also felt hurt while reading such comments but he always let’s his work and actions answer rather than trying to use words. He opined words are for those who are highly emotional but in a professional especially, actors needs to concentrate on answering through job. While saying it was avoidable, he also made it clear that there was nothing wrong what his Brother Nagababu said during the function. He said, “My brother is highly emotional and he doesn’t know hiding his feelings. The comments made were too harsh from both parties”. On a lighter note, he said he shared the screen space with his son Ram Charan Tej and nephew Allu Arjun for some cameos in the film. He also said Devi Sri Prasad also has a small cameo appearance. About 151st, he said Surrender Reddy’s story and Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy story are under consideration. Khaidi No 150 will also have an extended Veena step from Indra, choreographed by Raghava Lawrence.

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