I won’t indulge long term commitments : Shruthi Haasan

Shruthi Haasan is one of the busiest actresses in South India. She has a good name in Hindi cinema too. The actress is playing a key role in her father Kamal Haasan’s film, Sebhash Naidu. Talking about the movie, she said, “It is a learning experience to watch my dad at work. He is more disciplined at work than he is in normal life and I am enjoying it.”

She has tendency to talk about her relationships more often than ever. She has been hinting at being in a relationship but she also said she is a kinda lone wolf. She said, “People tend to have expectations from you when you grow close to them. Especially when you’re in a relationship, it increases leaps and bounds. I am uncomfortable with that idea.”

She further said, “I am a free bird and can’t be caged that easily. I can’t talk about other things that work related and people tend to find that boring. But I get bored when I have hear more about anything other movies for longer periods. So, I am always looking for a shorter period of relationship and have never given a long term commitment till date!”