I will wait till the right one

Anushka Shetty after Bhaagamathie decided to take a long break from movies. Is she getting offers or not, we don’t know but the actress has a huge market that is being left untapped while Nayantara is growing beyond any boundaries every day.

The actress talked about it and said, “I hate to compare myself with anyone. I’m here to work and I will do as many good films as I can. I will wait for the right project as I don’t want to jump into anything at this point in time.

I am not just waiting for a script. I never think like that. I am happy to be a part of a project that has a good team with everyone having a great name and talent. This is called a combination movie and I am open for them too.

All I need is one right project and until then I am happy to wait. I got a lot of appreciation than I ever wished for and I will always be thankful to my fans, producers and actors, directors for it,” concluded Anushka.