I take inspiration from heroes – Anushka

Anushka is one actress in our Telugu Cinema who has a great following and also a box office acceptance as the lead. Films, just with her lead have been big hits too and with Baahubali under her belt she just increased her popularity to new heights. She is now coming with Bhagmathi, produced by UV Creations and the movie is scheduled to release soon. Anushka who is playing the lead in the movie talked about the inspiration to her that made her to take up these huge risks as an actress.

Anusha said, “ I take inspiration from actors who have to act with a pleasant face, even though they know everything depends on them and their performance, they try to not let it affect them through out the filming process. I find it very inspiring and they are the ones who made me take up these risky projects and try to pull them off with me as the lead. I understand how tough it is and I am happy to be in a position that i am in today!”

She also said, “ I always salute to their courage to not fear so much and as I see different actors on a regular basis I learn how to compose myself during the different shots. We cannot act in these movies like the other films where if I dance for a song, or just come here and there, it is enough. I need to know about the continuity and also the climax to perform in sync with the story and expectations of the directors and fans! Really, Hats off to the actors!” Her Bhagmathi is directed by Ashok G. and the movie shoot has been halted for Anushka to get into fit body frame!

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