I rejected 30 stories

Hansika Motwani started out as a child actress and then went on to become a heroine in Telugu and Hindi. Later she entered into Tamil Industry as well. She first started in Telugu with Desamuduru and went onto star in Kantri opposite Jr. NTR but then, suddenly she went out of picture due to her weight issues and Tamil commitments.

She reduced her weight and started appearing more and more in Tamil films only. Occasionally, she did some Telugu movies now and then. She even stopped that after Gautam Nanda. There have been rumors about her interest in marriage and settling in a career outside films. As she kept touring around the world, she did not accept any film even in Tamil for over an year.

She reasoned this sudden change. “I am in the Industry for past 15 years. I got an image of bubbly girl and glam doll. I am bored of it. I want to be part of roles that will show my acting skills to the world. Soon, I will try to make a comeback if and when I find one. I have rejected 30 stories and I am in no hurry as I am concentrating on painting, my favorite last time and will arrange for an exhibition soon,” she said.