I react because I want to Says Manchu Lakshmi

Manchi Lakshmi is celebrating her birthday today. She talked about her life and aspirations as an actor in general. She said, “I am a simple person who believes that she has wings to fly to any height she desires. In fact, everyone does. You can’t limit yourself for past or present. You need to enjoy living and being alive. That’s what my father said and so, I celebrate my birthday as well I can in the presence of my friends and family.”

She talked about trolls on social media and said, “I can’t please everyone. If I try to do so, then I am always wrong. There is no absolute right and wrong for what you think and you can can’t wait for people to see you for what you are. Some do and some don’t. We have to ignore those who can’t accept us and move on. But I do get irritated with constant pestering in the name of comedy and satire. I block such people. I don’t talk about protocol or hindu religious antivities without knowing their meaning. I am just venting out my frustration and that should not be an object of joke all the time. Anyways, I can’t correct everyone or ask them to understand. I go with my flow and those who understand they can walk with me!”

She also wished about having a money tree in her backyard. “After Memu Saitham, many started coming to my house for help and I send them to my office to sort out their problem. I wish we had a money growing tree so that I can help to as many as possible. Still, we are doing what we can in the limited resources we have”, exclaimed Manchu Lakshmi. On the work front, she is now doing a thriller with Vijay as director and developing Baby’s Day out, a web-series for Viu and Fidaa, a Television show for Gemini. We wish a happy birthday and all the success, in future endeavors.