I may direct someday : Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu’s father Superstar Krishna, always used to be innovative in his methods of filmmaking and even introduced different techniques. He took all the calculated risks by producing the movies himself and also, ventured into direction. He made movies like Simhasanam, Manavudu-Danavudu, as a director. He made more than 15 films as a director, himself in the lead role in most of them.

So, many fans of Krishna who also became a fan of Mahesh wants him to take up direction like his father. Recently Manjula his sister, debuted as the director and the movie did not get a much positive response. Still, fans think Mahesh as a director will try to make a completely different film like his father and want him to try it out with a proper script.

Mahesh Babu in a recent interview said, “I am more inclined to tell different stories in a commercial format. I want films to work at the box office and be innovative. I don’t want to do the same role again and again. I like challenges and direction is a bigger challenge. For that, I need to learn much more and have to be patient as well. Maybe one day, I will direct but first of all, I have many commitments as an actor and I will only think about direction after I fulfill them.”