I just surrender to director’s vision

Anushka has been listening to many scripts and there are plenty of rumors going around about her next film. Some say, she will be acting in a thriller and few others say that she will be acting in a bilingual in Tamil and Telugu, produced and directed by Gautam Vasudev Menon. As the rumors increase, Anushka is not really into answering any of them and she just stated that she will announce about her next film when it is happening.

She said, “It is not always easy to take up project after project. Now, I feel I am at a position where producers, directors, and viewers have huge expectations from my films. At this juncture, I should be highly careful and also, very aware of what am I doing. When you doing regular films, you should just be game to do whatever the director says and surrender yourself to his/her vision. It is all about team change and you don’t have to stress about it.”

She continued, “But when the expectations increase and you are doing intense roles, you feel a responsibility. I myself feel highly responsible when I have to take up a film with a challenging role. While listening to the story, I design my character and try to get a picture in my head. So, doing such a film is always a huge risk and I take it up as a huge challenge. Even I did that walk over the shoulders scene, I knew it is wrong to walk on someone’s shoulders but for the character it is right. You have to convince yourself thoroughly before you do something, then you can also connect with the audience.”