I found an actor in Nag like never before : RGV

Ram Gopal Verma, has been one of those directors in Indian Cinema, who slowly is creating a legacy of being a popular person who made good films once upon a time and lost all of it, in his penchant to react on every other issue for popularity. This might seem an oversimplification of what he is doing, but this is all that we can say about him, nowadays. He has fallen from the grace of being a revolutionary maker who made Shiva to a person who reacts in twitter on everything after a sip of Vodka.

He is aware of that and he said, “My personal space and my workspace are two different things. I don’t mix them up. I am always trying to make a better film than what I made yesterday that could be technically advanced or an experimental idea that excited me. I have been very consistent in my efforts to write a character and giving it a suitable arc. People might think that personally I am a monster but I am a person with a set of views and a voice, I am expressing them, that’s it.”

About Officer, he said, “I always thought Nagarjuna as a hero, a person with larger than life screen presence. But I never rated him as an actor. He mesmerized me as an actor with Officer. He pulled off brutal stunts and even did an intense role in his own style and attitude. I couldn’t believe my eyes that I did not discover such an actor all these days. I feel the audience will find this performance from Nag as different and in last 20 years, he never did such an intense role.” He further said that he is working on a script for Akhil and Officer, will be technically advanced with new camera angles and sound will be the biggest asset of the film.