I don’t want to repeat myself : Kajal

Kajal Aggarwal has become one of the senior actresses of South Cinema. She completed a decade in Telugu Cinema and now, she is trying to only so films that have enough for her as an actor. She completed 50 films as a lead and she wants that experience to be rewarded. She has been picking and choosing lately and the actor reasoned out why.

She said, “I have completed a long career in films and I am content with what I achieved till now. Not just me but anyone who has a long career will have one style of journey while the next phase after completing few years will be different. We won’t be 18 all the time and similarly, our career too will change with time. It is apparent that I am a senior actress now and I should acknowledge the fact and look for better films. So, I am being choosy with the films.”

She also talked about what she looks for, in a role before accepting. She said, “I always look if the character that I am offered has any similarities to me in personal life or not. I believe many do this and I am happy if I stumble upon something that is entirely different. I keep getting many offers on a daily basis but I only choose those that really excite me. I don’t want to do the similar roles that I have done before, hence I take time to accept a new film.” Now, the actress is busy shooting for Nandamuri Kalyanram’s Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbayi in Telugu and Mersal in Tamil.