I don’t think caste should be a problem

Jr. NTR is giving interviews to press for the promotions of Aravinda Samstha. He said it is his honest attempt to talk about the plight of women and the families of people who die in the fights and aggression that forces them to take a weapon. In the same vain Jr. NTR talked about his aggressiveness and mellowed downstate today comparatively from his earlier interviews, he said, “Maybe that aggression made me this successful. I was 25 years old when I used to give such statements.

I was Young and my attitude was different. I got married at 27 years of age and now, I have two kids. Our thinking levels and attitudes change with time and even I underwent such changes.

But I never regret anything. Everything happens for a reason. I am always a spiritual person and with things that happened in my life, I became even more evidently spiritual and that is all. I have never changed too much but life has definitely shown me many things.”
NTR when asked about any caste complications and equations that he faced while accepting a movie with Ram Charan, he said, “Are we still talking about caste today? I don’t care about caste and such differences. I am waiting for making more movies with Ram Charan. We have always discussed acting in a movie with Mahesh anna and Ram Charan. But the story needs to be powerful and the director should be able to handle us.”