I can’t every film now : Anushka

Anushka Shetty has been going low key these days. Many rumours about her impending nuptials are going around the town but the actress has decided to not address any of those. She wanted to make piece with the achievements in her career and decide what films to do next. She did have three releases this year and one of them is Baahubali-2.

Post Baahubali-2, she decided she will only concentrate on those stories that will give her scope to perform. She has a solid logic behind this decision and she said, “When you’re hungry you eat whatever you see as you have fulfil your hunger first. Then you start thinking about the taste and after you feel the initial hunger is satisfied, all you want is a good tasty finish. Now, my career is in that stage. I have done all kinds of roles till now and this is the time for me to stop and think before signing another film.”

She further explained, “When you first enter into any job, all you want to do is impress your higher officials and gain many more opportunities to grow. Once you get them and people know what you are, projects come for you, opportunities fall in your lap. Similarly, in the starting days, I got a story like Arundhathi and it completely changed my career. Then I did many films but never expected to get movies like Rudrama Devi and Baahubali, that could further help me grow. Now, it is time for me to prioritize the story more. I need not have to worry about how many films I am doing but I need to do good and important films for sure.” Her Bhagmathi is getting ready for a Sankranthi release as per the latest reports.