I am a reluctant actor Says Prabhas

Prabhas, has become one of the huge Superstars in India with Baahubali and he is trying hard to sustain his name with a worthy continuation and putting all his energies into Saaho. He doesn’t really appear outside as much as his fans want him to and he revealed the reason behind it.

He said, “I am a shy person and not many of my fans know that. They want me to express myself like some others do and I am trying hard to change that. I get embarrassed to talk to strangers and even though I wish to talk, I just listen to them first as I cannot open up easily to others without knowing them. I am improving on it. I have changed a lot since my starting days and I know I need to change a lot more.”

He also shared about how he happened to find the courage to become an actor being so shy in real life. “I should call myself a reluctant actor. I did not choose to become an actor but my father and uncle wanted me to be one. My father is a producer and my uncle is an actor and they thought it is better, if I turn into an actor. But I wanted to start a business and did not agree with them. I am lazy and I did not start business right away. One day, I was watching my uncle’s film and decided I can be an actor as I started imagining myself as the character.” Well, we are thankful to the stars that really pushed him to become an actor, otherwise we might have not had a Baahubali.