I always learn new things from failure : Nayantara

Nayantara is one actress who managed to stay ahead of all the competition with two big breaks in her career. She had to crawl up the ladder step by step after falling down from top position, but not even once she complained about being down and out. She stood on her ground and grew to new heights.

Nayantara shared the secret behind her strong will power. She said, “A cow, a monkey and any animal will go through stress like we do too. But they come up and cheer up in their lives after the downfall to rise up. Similarly, being emotional we should also understand the importance of going through different emotions in our life. If there is a down, then there will be a up too.”

She also said, “I believe in being open to new lessons in my life. Rather than thinking about the time we lost, it is better to concentrate on time we have. It is better to be positive than let negativity control you. I understood the importance of being positive and I try to learn from my failures rather than being depresssed. ” She is now acting in Velaikkaran with Siva Karthikeya, Jaya Simha with Nandamuri Balakrishna and Sye Raa with Chiranjeevi. Also she has another movie in Malayalam with Nivin Pauly.