I acted without any make-up

Sushanth is coming with a film, Chi La Sow, in the direction of Rahul Ravindran, the actor with Ruhani Singh as the main lead. Talking about the film, Rahul said, “I saw this movie 2000 times in my head and narrated the story four years ago to another hero. Being a new aged story and experimental in nature, the movie did not happen at the time. As Arjun Reddy kind of films got made and nese huge hits, I decided this is the time to make my film and narrated story to Sushanth. He said he will do the movie, if I get a producer. I got one and the movie started.”

Sushanth said, “I was looking for a change from routine scripts and also, as my previous film did not work, I wanted a fresh approach and decided not to work in home production but for an outside producer. As we found a good one, we completed the film in short time. Rahul wants to work hard and he believes in pushing for 150% & 200%, all his actors. Even producers decided to ask for another good take even though that looked good. This clarity lead to comfort in working.

I was asked by my Director of Photography, Sukumaran to act without any make-up. For the first time, I did not use make-up and even for Ruhani, he suggested only light make-up. The movie happens in 24 hours and to give it such believable feel, the team opted for such approach. You see us looking good and also the film has a very feel-good factor carrying it all the way to climax,” concluded the actor. Chi La Sow is releasing on 3rd August.