Hushaaru got a good buzz with Rahul Ramakrishna’s song and other romantic number. The movie promoted itself as an youthful movie that everyone as to watch at least once. Let’s find out how it really is …

Plot : Arya (Tejas Kancharla), Chaitanya (Abhinav Medisetti), Bunty (Dinesh Tej) and Dhruv (Tej Kurapati) are friends who like to close and have no interest in usual society ways. They want to follow their heart and lead life but lack a serious idea on what to do or how to do. They just try to survive somehow and this hurts them when they face problems in relationships.

Riya (Priya Vadlamani) breaks her one relationship with Chey as he decides to be close to his friends and do a job that society looks down upon. She leaving him like that tortures Chey to the core and he ends up drinking alcohol more than he can handle. He cuts his hand in emotion and end up in hospital knowing that he has brain tumour. What did the boys group do next? How did Raj (Rahul Ramakrishna) help them? Watch the movie to know more…

Performances : Abhinav Medisetti is not good but he is not bad too. He tried to give Chey a character as an actor but he is too limited. Priya Vadlamani is beautiful but she is not competent enough to explore her character and perform better.

Tejas Kancharla has a screen presence and he should improve on behaving in front of camera rather than forcing it. Tej Kurapati and Dinesh Tej get good punchlines but both don’t end up creating an impact. All others are not that important. Rahul Ramakrishna’s character is more hyped up than required.

Technicalities : Vijay Vardhan seems to have tried everything he can in effects for the film but only one trasistion between scenes and between shots, fade to black! He couldn’t really make a good smooth cut as the script is messier than he could imagine towards the end.

Raj Thota tried to give the movie a look but his lighting schemes don’t really work for the movie mood. Still, he managed to give shots a finese, many lack.

Radhan’s songs are good and they act as real buzz builders for the film. Sunny MR’s BGM is good in few scenes and loud in some.

Sree Harsha Konuganti as a writer is good at writing punchlines but he seems to not understand how to structure a film well. He lost connection between the scenes far more than one can expect from a professional. He also needs to develop a good understanding on what works in a scene and length of it.

As a director, he lost control on pacing. Also his execution lacked conviction in important scenes. He seemed to have shot them at random and stitched them together even at random. He needs to understand difference between a web-series level scene and a film level one for sure.

Analysis : Movie tries to be Boys – making a statement that youngsters can do anything at one moment. It tries to be Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara – trying to show friends are real treasure than worldly material and it also tries to be Rock on – an ailing and dying friend becomes the glue of the group. But it doesn’t do justice to anything.

It even becomes 3 Idiots for a moment and then tries to be as crude and raw as American Pie. The pacing and tonal inconsistency hurts the movie more. As the youth can connect to few scenes and enjoy few jokes, movie has a chance at box office and popular songs might help it over the weekend. But for a long run or memorable performance at box office it needed to be Vennela or Bus Stop which did not get inconsistent in tone.

Rating : 2/5

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