Howrah Bridge

Few films scream out loud saying they have come out of a passion for cinema from a mind that tried to understand cinema. Some scream out saying they came out of complete passion but highly misplaced and misguided. Today, we saw one such film. There are many movies being made these days by young directors who don’t really understand the script sense, few due to friendships make big films, few make small films like these. Rarely, we are finding people who understand film as it needs to be and hence, we are facing death of talent. This film too screams out loud, what really is the problem with our Industry.

Plot : One highly qualified Civil engineer, Ajay (Rahul Ravindran) unable to get over his young innocent love for his friend that he met in his hometown, Machavaram under a river bridge. He goes to his village to find her, Sweety. He gets to know that Sweety (Chandini Chowdary) is already in love with her sister-in-law’s brother (Ajay) who looked after her from young age. She is happy with the alliance but Ajay charms her with his ‘true’ love!

So, when she gets her family mainly, her would-be permission to express her love finally to Ajay waiting for her on the same bridge, Ajay goes in search of another woman, Shruthi (Manali Rathod) who says that is real Sweety. Unable to bear the betrayal, Sweety jumps into the river from bridge. Watch the film, to know what happens next.

Performances : Rahul Ravindran is one of the young actors who showed some potential to become a hero, who can carry film on his shoulders. But his script selection has been poor and this film enters into his flop and disaster list.

Chadini Chowdary, earned a name by appearing in Short films. In short films, her acting skills could be sufficient but she needs to improve leaps and bounds to survive as an actress. Manali Rathod never showed any potential to perform and this film too is no exception.

Rao Ramesh gets few scenes to sum him up as the epitome of evil in human beings. For his one scene in climax, he gets four scenes in First and second hour, that try to establish him again and again. Ajay is wasted in the film. All others known names too are completely wasted.

Technicalities : Cinematography by Vijay Mishra is as clueless as the entire film. He adds nothing off substance to the movie and proceedings. It is like he wanted to complete his job of shooting the actors mouthing some dialogues and shoot some random locations for the director. They don’t add up to the story and don’t even serve for visual beauty and aesthetics.

Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is like he made a film out of the dump thrown in front of him. The cut seems to be the one he found decent enough from all the random shots that the team shot over a period of time. There is no continuity in tone and start or end for a scene too.

Music by Shekar Chandra seems to be the best output he made out of the budget he is given. There is no time that you even hear in the theatre attentively and his back ground score doesn’t lift the mood as well.

Writer and director, Rewan Yandu seems to be completely clueless about what he wants to make. He doesn’t really have a structure for his story that can serve as a screenplay by itself. He has mixed up ideas on how girls talk and how a romance builds over time. In his world, everyone seems to be naive and emotionless. Even they don’t have expressions on their face too. Either they stare blank into the camera or try to overreact. There is nothing that makes sense here and even he seems to be confusing with many things.

Analysis : This movie tries to say even an evil person who stabs a person is good and naive enough to understand love. At the same time, a good man who seems to have full knowledge of love can be inconsiderate. The problem here lies with the ideology of see ten films and write one story. That is good for you to build some knowledge about films but it is not good enough to make a film.

Rating : 1/5

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