Hot ‘Air’ promotions for Rajni’s 2point0!

Rajnikanth 2.0 is the most awaited movie of South India these days. The movie is high budget sequel to the most popular Enthiran/Robo in which Rajnikanth will be reprising his beloved Andro-Humanoid Robot, Chitti role and the posters hint that Rajni will once again reprise the role of evil Chitti but this time the stakes are higher with Robotic women and a ‘Crow’-Man, played by Amy Jackson and Akshay Kumar, respectively. The fans of the actors are intrigued by the characters played by these popular actors and they want to know everything about the movie.

As the movie is said to be the biggest production ever from Indian Cinema with a production cost of 400 crores, producers Lyca Productions have decided to kick start the promotions for the movie six months prior to the release all over the world. They will be starting their campaign in USA with a giant size, Hot Air Balloon travelling all over the world to different Balloon festivals.

First the Balloon will fly with life size images of Akshay and Rajni in characters in USA, in the city of Los Angeles and then it will go around the world to London, Australia and Dubai. In, India too in several cities, the production is planning to fly the Balloon and several actors will participate in the drive. “We see our production as a Hollywood film, so we are planning to tie our 100 foot tall balloon to Hollywood signage in Los Angeles as well,” shared Ramalingam, the producer of the movie.

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