Hindi – Telugu bilingual Ghazi to strike tomorrow!

Rana Daggubati is making giant strides in his career post Bahubali, Bhallala Deva and he is making it evident that he is no longer going to just be a well known family member of highly successful producer and actor but he has his own identity. After, having given a towering performance in Bahubali, he is coming with interesting line up of movies to attract audience further. In 2017, it self he has lined up three films at least to hit the screens and one of them will be Bahubali the conclusion. The other two are Ghazi based on war at sea that India fought during 1971 Bangladesh separation from Pakisthan, which was then called East Pakisthan. According to the history, India had to counter one of the deadliest submarine ever to participate in a war, PNS Ghazi during a time when India was not equipped with one submarine of their own.

The Ghazi was subject of legends among the Pakisthan Army and led fight against India during 1965 war in Arabian Sea. But then, during 1971, the aging ship had to travel all through the Arabian coast to Bay of Bengal to attack Indian armies at sea. But the ship was sunk by Indian Navy, near Vizag. This story is being made into a compelling film by Sankalp Reddy, an young film enthusiast who completed his course in Filmmaking from Australia. This is his first film and Karan Johar is presenting the film in Hindi while PVP produced it in Telugu. The Ghazi Attack, trailer will be unveiled tomorrow digitally and the movie is made as a Hindi Telugu bilingual owing to the historic significance.

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