Hindi sequel in Tamil and Telugu!

Nikisha Patel, the seductress of Telugu Cinema is busy trying to get her mojo back as she has been getting few offers but unable to translate them into big offers. The actress has been on diet for many days to reduce her weight and she is also trying hard to improve on her skills in front of camera. The actress is now, playing an important character in a Hindi film’s sequel In Tamil and Telugu.

Yes, the movie, Teri Meharbaniya, a murder mystery is getting a sequel in Tamil and Telugu in K.C. Bokadia’s direction. In the movie, Nikisha is a homemaker and she is happy to share screen with a seasoned actor like Srikanth. The actress said, “ I have never experienced a vibe with any actor in my films before and I am liking the equation with my co-star Srikanth in this movie. I’m happy to be a part of this movie and this will be one of the best romantic scenes I have ever been part off.”

The actress will be seen as a homemaker and she is happy to be on screen. She said, “ I’m acting in the movie directed by a veteran like K.C. Bokadia who directed by Rajnikanth, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. I am learning a lot from him and hope to continue to do so further as well. I think this experience will help me sharpen up my skills even more and people will identify with my character more from this movie.”

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