Few love stories make us believe in the power of coincidences and destiny. The romance in such stories lies in the simple details the universe carries. It also makes us believe in love and respect the emotions of those in it. With such high and emotionally enriched feeling you complete reading such stories, hearing them and watching them as well. Such is the impact of beautifully realised story with characters that are well defined and story-telling essentially.

Plot : The best filmmakers of any generation tend to take some impossible storylines and convince us with believable nuances. Vikram Kumar too does that. Going into the plot of the movie, Seenu (Akhil) and Junnu (Kalyani Priyadarshan) are soulmates. They meet in a park at an young age. Young Junnu aka Priya likes Seenu, even though he is a street kid and becomes a friend of him. She is a drama school student and meets Seenu in costume.

As destiny as it, Junnu’s parents gets transferred to Delhi, they are separated. Junnu leaves a 100 rupee note with a number for Seenu. When he is in the pursuit of the note, stolen by a friend, he meets with an accident. The person who hit him with car, Sarojini (Ramyakrishnan) convinces her husband (Jagapathi Babu) to adopt him. They change his name to Avinash and he loves them back too. Can Seenu and Junnu meet again? If they, how will they meet? Watch the movie on big screen to know the answers …

Performances : Akkineni Akhil proves himself as an actor too with this film. He did prove that he can dance and fight well on screen in his debut film. But with this one he needed to prove that he can emote well too. He does a convincing job of portraying varied emotions and his screen presence is highly delightful too. He gave it his everything and even the song he sang stands out in the movie. We can only expect him to improve hereafter.

Kalyani Priyadarshan is good and she does fort well for debut film. Ramyakrishnan and Jagapathi Babu did a good job in portraying the lovely parents of Avinash. The young kids who portrayed Seenu and Junnu, are exceptionally cute.

Posani Krishna Murali, Ajay, Satya Krishna and Avinash Kuruvilla with Krishnudu make up for characters and they impress.

Technicalities : P.S. Vinod did create visual scenery for this love story. He did his best to create maximum impact without leaving any aesthetics and detailing behind. He gives life to Vikram Kumar vision and he is an asset to the film.

Prawin Pudi’s edit is good for the movie. Even though there is a drag in the screenplay in the second hour that seems all essential for the love story to be convincing. But he could have worked on the run-time though as few editing choices seem bit too lengthy for this movie.

Anup Rubens composed music that suits the film very well. It blends into the narrative and his BGM is very good in emotional scenes. But it is underwhelming in action sequences though. He does give the proceedings his best possible hand but he could have improved on his BG score.

Writer-director Vikram Kumar creates magic with the universe he created. Few action sequences doesn’t really add up much value to the story but the core romance that is the USP of the movie is very well handled. We can see that he did create a world for this destiny made love story and his screenplay does pay off to every plot point. There are no glaring holes in the screenplay and it looks completely believable even though it is a fairytale romance. He gives the movie all the detailed attention it seeks to establish an epic romance. There is some superficiality though in few sequences and that could have been avoided.

Analysis : Akhil had to wait for a perfect script and team that will help him to blend into a script and perform better than what he managed in his debut film. Many will be surprised by his conviction and Vikram Kumar aides him by giving him enough scope to show off what he can do on screen in terms of dances and action. He extracts good performance too in a well told screenplay. On the whole, this is a good movie for an young actor who is looking to show off his skills and director packs in enough for you to not just wonder what hero can do and appreciate it as a film on the whole.

Rating : 3/5

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