Harshavardhan turns a new leaf with his film!

Harshavardhan, the most sought after writer-actor has turned into a director with his movie, Good-Bad-Ugly. He is one of the famous writers in Telugu as he worked for the movies like Manam, Ishq, Guru and Gunde Jaari Gallatayyinde. As an actor too he is famous as Amrutha Rao, in the cult comedy classic, Television series, Amrutham. He released the first look posters of his directorial debut on social media, today.

The major surprise is that the writer-actor has turned into a music composer too. With the help of his friend, he composed tunes for this movie. The movie is made on a small budget but he is not coming with a routine story but a real life story from 1988-89 period. For the period setting the director had to find locations in remote villages and he did what all he can in the limited budget and time frame as he stated on social media.

He has another film up his sleeve but he wishes this is to be his identity going further. He is known for his talents as an anchor, actor, writer and now, director too. We have to see what he can do with his music. If he can prove himself then we might have our very own Vishal Bhardwaj who can compose, write, direct a movie. Additionally, Harsha can act too. Let’s see what Good-Bad-Ugly future is awaiting him!

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