Happy Wedding

You may forget everything but you can never forget your wedding. You may forget the date but the memories stay with you day-in and day-out. On such a day, you want to be sure and happy about the future. Even if it turns out different than planned, you feel happy thinking about the day and reflect on what changes have time brought in your relationship. Can such an important day be just another day that someone forced upon us? Can we be naive and indecisive about the wedding?

Plot : Akshara (Niharika Konidela) falls in love with a happy-go-luckily guy who takes life as it comes and never take anything too seriously, Anand (Sumanth Ashwin). He will suffer alone and laugh out loud but include everyone in happiness.

She decides to marry him as parents of both the kids are happy to see them together. But her life turns around 180° when Vijay, her ex-flame accepts his mistake and asks her hand again. What will be her decision? Whom will she choose? Watch the movie for answers.

Performances : Sumanth Ashwin has been a non-actor who confuses between acting in character and acting in general. He continues to be so, even in this film. He doesn’t exhibit any screen-presence or has any timing in dialogue delivery.

Niharika Konidela proved to be good support to Sumanth Ashwin. She can turn blank, she can laugh and she can be angry without expressing them on her face. Even dialogues too are delivered as well robotically programmed as possible.

All other actors are there to fill up the screen as much as they can and they did try to induce life in few scenes. With a lifeless skeleton, you can’t dance on Salsa, no matter however good dancer you might be.

Technicalities : Balreddy’s camera is simple and it just knows how to present a visual in a simple manner. It doesn’t try to do some extra work to show the exuberance of artwork or represent the emotions of the characters. It is just a camera that takes visuals that an editor can stitch together.

Shakti Kanth Karthik seems to be a lover of 90’s Hindi music. In his penchant to re-create such tunes, he just forgot that he needs to sound unique too. SS Thaman just tried to fill up the gaps in the writing and direction with music. But it did not work.

Bhavani Prasad needs to be given an award via courier for the kind of rhyming he tried throughout the film. He should be respected with rhyme-peet like gnanapeet for his efforts.

KV Krishna Reddy’s editing is very apt for the movie. He lets the scenes lag on and on as much as they do on paper. He followed the script to the last word.

Lakshman Karya, the director of the film seems to be highly clueless about what film he wants to make. In a story, where moments should confuse the main character end up being irritatingly stagnant. The story doesn’t move anywhere and we just see the actors trying to emote in front of the camera, knowing well that there is one and they should do something about it.

We don’t really get the character and her actions which needs to make us fall in love with that person and enjoy even her indecisiveness so much that we end up indecisive about supporting her or opposing her. Rather we end up indecisive in the theatre about walking out or watching another film in our mobile or just sleep!

Analysis : You can make any kind of a movie but you should first decide what is your movie. Is it a love story? Is it a family entertainer? Is it a character study? Or is it driven by moments and music? If you are indecisive you end trying to mix it up with each and everything. In a story that demands everything not giving the requirement is a crime.

In a story that deserves a proper character growth and explanation for main leads, you cannot just say that there is indecision and there is confusion in dialogues without showing it. Filmmakers commit the crime of taking the audience for granted and make a film that we cringe to even watch, in the theatre.

Rating : 1.5/5

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