Gulf is a new kind of Telugu movie

P. Sunil Kumar Reddy made films like Oka Romantic Crime katha and Oka Criminal Crime Katha before. He took time off to make his next. Now, he is coming with a movie like Gulf. The director called it his most honest movie. He described why he took time off to make his next and he talked about the film at length.

He said, “I wanted to make a different kind of a film exploring the lives of people in Gulf. Not many films explored the problems of people immigrated to Gulf and Telugu people know much about Gulf countries. Many still think immigration means going to USA and Australia. Many films talked about the problems faced by millions in these countries but none have talked about Gulf people. I researched about this issue and problems of people in Gulf. It took me 2 and half years to come up with a story and make the film.”

He continued saying, “This is not a documentary on the lives. It is a love story in the backdrop of people who immigrated to Gulf and how amidst all the problems they succeed or fail is my story.” He made sure that the film is released in 250 to 300 centres. The team will soon announce the release date and the direct concluded by saying his next film will be Romantic Criminals, third one on the lines of Oka Romantic Crime katha.