Goodachari team thanks the audience

“Goodachari team is on the moon after the movie got good reviews and favorable mouth talk from the first day. Adivi Sesh thanked media and reviewers for spreading good talk and agreed with all of them. He said, ” This is my two years dream and I know I am an upcoming actor with limitations. But to see myself on screen in a Spy movie is my childhood dream and thanks to my producers and my whole team, I am living it.”

“He also said, “Shashi Kiran (the director), after reading the script said that it is like a script written by a child. We sat together and brought it into this shape after 9 months. I am thankful to my producers for believing in the script and making it with us. My producer is offering to send me on a holiday and that shows how positive and happy he is. I have to thank Shaneil Deo, my friend for such brilliant visuals.”

“Supriya Yarlagadda, who re-appeared on Telugu screen after 22 years said, “I wanted to become an actor but fate made me take up production and I’m not complaining. But always wanted to fulfill my dream. When Adivi Sesh and Shashi Kiran narrated the story and offered me the role, I felt happy and did it. I connected with the strong father-son bond undercurrent and I would like to thank each one who liked our work. I am in touch with several Akkineni fans and they gave me positive feedback too. I would love to thank them for their love. I will act in movies that will offer me a significant role like the one I got in Goodachari.”