Giving up four years is a mistake : Prabhas

Every actor will go through ups and downs in their career but everyone will have a portion of time where they hit their prime. During the time, how many ever successes they would be able to give, those will remain to be their identity and growth vehicles as well. For stars like ANR, NTR the prime period came twice for both of them. During 55 to 65 both the actors were at their peak delivering big hits, while Nageswara Rao continued to do so till 71, Rama Rao had to struggle in comparison with his looks changing till 74.

After that, NTR once again rose to the top of the ladder and ANR proved to hit another peak after 79 with Premaabhishekam being the most successful among his continuous hits. Superstar Krishna hit his peak in 74 and continued to remain at top till 78 giving competition to both the legends toe to toe but fell to next best with many routine films. After him, Megastar Chiranjeevi came into prominence, in 83 with Khaidi and he really hit his prime from 86 to 1992. He delivered a big hit every year and mostly his films have ended up being blockbusters of the year. Nagarjuna hit an early peak in his career with back to back hits like Akhari Poratam, Geetanjali and Shiva but his real prime could be categorised as the period between 93 to 98. He even crossed Chiranjeevi to top the ladder and settled down to next best after Master regained his throne. Balakrishna’s career had been a mixed bag with his heavy reliance on mass masala movies but we can say he had a peak period during 92 to 95, where he gave his career best movies. Even 99 and 2001 have been his best years. Venkatesh hit a purple patch with Preminchukundam Raa and continued it till Kalisundam Raa. While Mahesh never had continuous success to say he has hit prime, Pawan Kalyan had early peak with Tholiprema till Kushi. After Gabbar Singh, we can say his popularity is riding high once again.

Now, Prabhas had everything going for him except for scripts and he finally seemed to have got into his own after Mr. Perfect but he took 4 years out of his career for Bahubali. The actor addressed this in one of his media interviews as part of promotions and he said, “It is a costly mistake for any actor to give up 4 years of his career at any given point for a movie and I would not recommend it for any actor. I did so because I believed in Rajamouli and wanted him as a friend to succeed but this is a suicide for any actor. If the film goes horribly wrong or if it doesn’t reach to its full potential, many will write off the actor and he will lose the all important time in the short career span that he can enjoy as a lead of the story! Well, I am happy that Bahubali worked but if it didn’t I would have never ever forgiven myself!”

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